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by Sherman H. Skolnick 4/17/03

[1] Press conference 4/1/03, Rumsfeld TWICE denied reports of cease fire being arranged for U.S. through a third party. HE CHOSE WORDS, however, allowing him, through semantics, to wiggle out of that.

[2] He said he did not know if SADDAM is still alive but said that Saddam's relatives have been observed leaving Iraq. Rumsfeld and general standing next to him, had no adequate explanation why purported U.S. troops are being f lown in rather than coming down highway. [Hinting at supply route troubles. Russians describing same. www.iraqwar.ru ]

[3] Through threatening to blackmail Bush with treason proof, France is to be part of interim "post-war" Iraq government and get piece of Iraq oil treasure. Further, France has purportedly with Russia worked out a cease fire for U.S. to avoid oncoming U.S. military disaster. White House and other network reporters, having ceasefire details, warned by their bosses in New York, if the reporters reveal openly ceasefire details, reporters will never work in media again.

[4] Reliable French sources contend that reports of U.S. attempt, through bunker-buster munitions, to assassinate Saddam Hussein, are/were FICTITIOUS. Saddam in Switzerland having face re-made as disguise.Saddam, Bush/CIA creation, has b een playing dirty games with CIA, like Osama, for some time. Start of Gulf War Two a magic show and fiction. Departure of Saddam, however, has made the matter serious. [Daddy Bush/Saddam Hussein business partnership gone sour, visit our website story, " The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh".]

[5] In press session 4/1/03, Ari Fleischer was asked (a) role of France in post-war government, etc. He dodged it. White House reporters are aware that through blackmail, France is to be given a role in interim alleged "post-war" Iraq go vernment. France is sitting, for more than a year, on documentary absolutely proving George W. Bush installed by fraudulent proceedings in Florida and elsewhere and that Daddy Bush and Jr. are guilty of several documented treasons.[Our group aware of pr oduction of documentary. More cannot be discussed just yet.]

(b) Ari was further grilled on whether Bush is mediating disputes between various generals and Rumsfeld. Ari denies that and denies that there are disputes.

[6] BIG OIL worried that price of oil may now decline to BELOW 18 dollars per barrel and also, that payments to oil countries be required in Euros, NOT U.S. Dollars.

More coming. Stay tuned.

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