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3/18/01 by Sherman H. Skolnick

Some continue to assert that George W. Bush is a tainted president, that took the seat of power under circumstances they call BUSHFRAUD. Some go even further, and proclaim that the Elder Bush and sons Jeb and George W. are part of a "fascist coup". Others call the final hours of the Clinton Administration as PARDONGATE. Thus referring to a foul smell going up from some of more than 170 presidential pardons and commutations Clinton entered at the last moments of his apparent Constitutional authority.

A profound consideration of the events and players involved show there are links between Pardongate and Bushfraud. Some of the players and events

===HUGH RODHAM, brother of the former First Lady HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON elected in 2000 as a Senator from New York. Hillary is accused of taking massive benefits, if not actual bribes, to arrange to set loose a group of Hassidic Jews who swindled the federal government of some 30 million dollars with a fake village development. Available to federal grand juries looking into possible corruption by Clinton as president, are audio tapes, and other evidence, directly implicating Hillary as reputed "bag lady" for her husband; evidence which may become the basis of a federal criminal indictment of her, and naming Bill as an unindicted co-conspirator, for receiving financial benefits and emoluments as a bribe or inducement to get her husband, then president, to pardon the culprits.

As a Miami lawyer, Hugh Rodham seems to specialize in defending if not actually arranging the affairs of sizeable dope traffickers. He is reportedly very knowledgeable on cocaine trafficking from Colombia involving the dope cartels as well as more recently, the activities of the Russian mafiya combined with those illicit enterprises, all jointly with international criminal MARC RICH, likewise pardoned by Clinton. Rodham seemed to prosper during the some 15 years JANET RENO was a south Florida state prosecutor who somehow did not see fit to run after dopers. A Florida attorney, Jack Thompson, ran unsuccessfully to unseat Reno in 1988 as state prosecutor. The monopoly press, he contends, failed to report or act on his evidence and witnesses showing Reno was subject to blackmail because she cavorted with lesbian prostitutes and that she is a fallen down drunk who assisted known criminals. His offer of testimony and evidence was likewise rebuffed by the U.S. Senate Committee in 1993 that ratified Reno's appointment to head the U.S. Justice Department.

Those in a position to know proclaim the acts and doings of Hugh Rodham and Janet Reno were interwoven with JEB BUSH who became Florida Governor. [Corruption knows no political party.] For a period starting about 1977, with his latino wife, Jeb was stationed in Venezuela where he headed or played a key role in the branch of Texas Commerce Bank, owned in great part by his father, George Herbert Walker Bush and his circle of oil-soaked confederates. Only rarely mentioned in the monopoly press is that a sizeable portion of the dope money coming back to the Colombian cartels is transacted through next-door Venezuela.

From that point, Jeb reportedly became interwoven with laundering the funds of dope kingpins disguised often as huge real estate projects, some of which went under, damaging innocent investors. Jeb was also the eyes and ears on occasion of the American CIA in Venezuela. In its most direct role, the CIA acts as the petroleum police in foreign oilfields. Such as for the Rockefeller Family who own and dominate most oil production in Venezuela. In a rare documentary, CBS' "60 Minutes" Program once showed how apparently corrupt CIA officials together with those of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration in Venezuela, participated in large shipments of cocaine to the U.S., supposedly to study how the dope cartel operates [as if they did not really know].

A former espionage undercover operative who says he did business with Jeb has numerous details in his book and on his website: http//www.almartinraw.com

Upon receiving two hundred thousand dollars as a fee, Hugh Rodham arranged with his brother-in-law, William Rockefeller Clinton, to commute the jail sentence of CARLOS VIGNALI, who had served just six years of a 15-year sentence for being the top dog in a drug ring that distributed 800 lbs. of cocaine. The jail-bird's father, Horacio, a wealthy Los Angeles parking lot owner, donates to political campaigns. The younger Vignali is reportedly very well-informed about the dope from Colombia smuggled across Canada and entering across the border to Montana.

[Our interviews with middle-level members of the Rockefeller Family together with other data convinces us Bill Clinton is the illegitimate great grandson of old John D. Rockefeller, founder of the infamous Standard Oil Trust.]

===MARC RACICOT, his term as Montana Governor ended January, 2001. Knowledeable law enforcement personnel as well as several crusading journalists have contended Racicot has reportedly been directly implicated in the massive dope, from Red China and Colombia, coming across the border from Canada. Side-kick of Bill and Roger Clinton, Ollie North and the Elder Bush, namely Barry Seal, up to the time Seal was murdered by the American CIA and the DEA to shut him up, arranged the dope traffic from Canada through Montana. This was an alternative to coming in through the southern states, such as at Mena, Arkansas, which had become too well known. A former undercover government operative involved in the Montana operations, described it

"An aircraft departs Colombia, flies to the Bahamas to rest and refuel, and then, when a weather window opens, continues the flight to Nova Scotia or Quebec. Again, rest and refuel. Then continue to a US-Canadian border landing strip." The former operative goes on to detail the acts and doings of FBI Senior Agent Terry Nelson, of southern Florida FBI office, who has business and relatives near the U.S., Montana-Canada border "Nelson not only recruits the law enforcement officials and politicians he needs, he can also supply data from the law enforcement arena such as the DEA NADDIS computer, Customs TECS II, EPIC, FBI, and others involved in ongoing investigations. Nelson then provides this intelligence to his drug contacts. This helps obstruct any investigation and diffuse potential problems. Terry Nelson, a senior agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, continues to provide his valuable services to drug cartels and others who will pay his fee, out of his FBI office in southern Florida." Excerpts from "DRUGGING AMERICA" by Rodney Stich, page 297, and page 294 as to Barry Seal, chapter on "Montana Drug Gateway". 1999, Diabolo Western Press, P.O. Box 5, Alamo, California 94507.

Other contend that the Clinton White House blocked Canadian law enforcement from serving an arrest warrant on Nelson when he was in the area.

During the Presidential election turmoil in Florida, November and December, 2000, then Montana Governor Marc Racicot was the trusted "hatchet man" for George W. and Jeb Bush. Racicot was trusted because he was reportedly part of the Bush family's worldwide laundering of hundreds of billions of dollars of illicit dealings through 25 secret Bush accounts worldwide. [Visit our website series, with attached documents, "Greenspan Aids and Bribes Bush Family".]

Racicot together with operatives linked to Florida Senior FBI Agent Terry Nelson, jointly with Hugh Rodham, reportedly arranged to convey financial benefits and emoluments to top DEMOCRAT officials in southern Florida---called by some straight out bribes---to arrange for the DEMOCRATS to arbitrarily stop the recount of ballots. This done to prevent Albert Gore, Jr., from winning Florida's essential Electoral College vote and hence the U.S. Presidency, after Gore had already won the national popular vote by a plurality of more than six hundred thousand votes. The funds for the financial benefits, or bribes, were made available through Marc Rich and his cronies in the Russian mafiya which have joined forces with the Colombian dope cartels.

===ROGER CLINTON reportedly solicited and received a two hundred thousand dollar pardongate bribe from the family of a convict in federal prison on fraud charges. The bribe was reportedly shared by Roger with brother Bill, at the time President, who did NOT grant the pardon. An "honorable" crooked politician sells his office, and supplies services, as he is paid. A stupid crook takes the bribe and reneges. Part of the Roger Clinton pardongate was the ostensible smuggling of dope into the U.S. from Southwest Red China, disguised as commodities. Roger Clinton and his cronies apparently laundered the proceeds through two Chicago commodity brokers known to be fronting for the Red Chinese dope trade, called "China White". See the reportedly related stories on our website as to Rahm Emanuel, former Clinton White House Senior Advisor, more recently Managing Director of Wasserstein Perella & Co., reputed experts on laundering illicit Asian dealings. Also, REFCO-LFG Division, (Richard Friedman & Co.), a Chicago-based brokerage.

The Roger and Bill Clinton dope trafficking proceeds are laundered as currency and commodity deals on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade. Bill as President often visited the Merc, as the fountain of illicit funds. Alleged President George W. Bush follows the pattern of his crony, Bill Clinton, and shortly after being inaugurated, George W. likewise came to the fountain of money, the Merc, to put the arm on them.

Several Federal Grand Juries have testimony available,or already under subpoena, and in some instances, as of the date of this posting, already heard, showing the following among other things

(1) Roger Clinton may be indicted for various federal criminal offenses along with Tony and Hugh Rodham, and Hillary Rodham Clinton as part of details of pardongate. Facing being named in this as unindicted co-conspirators are William Rockefeller Clinton, commonly called William Jefferson Clinton, and his close crony, George W. Bush.

(2) Testimony and evidence related to the foregoing include the acts and doings, of pardongate offenses overlapping onto election fraud, of former Montana Governor Marc Racicot; Florida Senior FBI Agent Terry Nelson and confederates; and Florida Governor Jeb Bush;and super criminal Marc Rich. (3) To avoid federal criminal indictment, or being named as unindicted co-conspirators, some of the foregoing persons have given testimony or are offering testimony against some of the others.

Reporters of all three major news networks have already interviewed or have sought to interview various witnesses as to the foregoing, including those available to testify or have already testified agfainst Roger Clinton. All the Chief Judges in charge of the Federal grand Juries, so far as is now known, have NOT entered a "gag order" preventing witnesses from being interviewed by the press. Despite that, the George Bush 2nd White House has ordered the American Gestapo, the FBI, to severely threaten and harass network reporters and executives; the FBI claiming that the media people are supposedly "obstructing justice", for example, by interviewing witnesses fingering Roger Clinton wherein brother Bill along with crony George W. Bush would be named as unindicted co-conspirators along with Marc Racicot and international criminal Marc Rich.

An official of one of the news networks confided to us that he and his associates are fearful for their lives, in view of the severe threats by the FBI at the behest of the Bush White House. All three major networks have so far embargoed video and audio tapes of interviews as to both pardongate and Bushfraud. The FBI, according to the official, and confirmed by his associates, has threatened network reporters, TV and Radio crew members, as well as news managers, producers, and supervisors.

[Key sources and eyewitnesses have confided in us, knowing that we have a 40 year absolute policy against divulging sources and witnesses of our data. In 40 years, as the head of our research and investigative group, I have been jailed some 8 times, wheelchair and all, for "contempt of court", for absolutely refusing to divulge witnesses and sources to state and federal authorities publicly accused by us of high-level corruption. In each instance, after being falsely and unlawfully jailed, I was later vindicated, and the judges involved were themselves sent to prison for bribery, tax evasion, and other crimes, as I had publicly accused them to their face. [Visit our website for the four decade background of our work.]

As part of a much lesser mess, reporters of Newsweek and Time Magazine have reportedly compiled sufficient sources and records to show that Florida Governor Jeb Bush and alleged President George W. Bush are part of a sex-triangle with Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris who played a key role in what some call Bushfraud. She was an instrumental player by which Al Gore, Jr., was kept from being certified as the winner of the Florida election and hence, kept from having the Electoral College vote of Florida, Bush stealing thus the U.S. Presidential Election 2000.

Like in the infamous 1876 Election that I have earlier written about, Gore won the presidential election, as did Samuel Tilden, but like Tilden, there has been a failure to inaugurate Gore as the President of the United States.

Although both magazines have reportedly corroborated my story about Jeb Bush-George W. Bush-Katherine Harris, with her also as the reputed "bag lady" in fixing the election, the oil and dope soaked monopoly press are too "chicken" and have too many financial hang-ups to so far go with the Katherine Harris story.

Network officials and reporters have confided to us that the details in this report are known by them to be substantially correct. BUT, the press is reluctant to undermine George W. Bush at a time of impending financial meltdown.

More coming. Stay tuned.

Since 1958, Mr.Skolnick has been a court reformer. Since 1963, founder/chairman, Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, disclosing certain instances of judicial and other bribery and political murders. Since 1991 a regular panelist, and since 1995, moderator/producer, of one-hour,weekly public access Cable TV Show, "Broadsides", Cablecast on Channel 21, 9 p.m. each Monday in Chicago. For a heavy packet of printed stories, send $5.00 [U.S. funds] and a stamped, self-addressed business sized envelope [4-1/4 x 9-1/2 #10 size] WITH THREE STAMPS ON IT, to Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, Sherman H. Skolnick, Chairman, 9800 South Oglesby Ave., Chicago IL 60617-4870. Office, 7 days, 8 a.m. to midnight, (773) 375-5741 [PLEASE, no "just routine calls]. Before sending FAX, call.

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