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by Sherman H. Skolnick
Neil Bush And The American CIA
Over a period of four decades, our research and investigation group has repeatedly publicized, in the public interest, whenever we are permitted, some of the following:
[1] That State and Federal Judges, in important cases, are often corrupted through financial institutions, such as banks. Throughout the history of the U.S., key judges owned and operated banks jointly with their lawyer cronies. Most often, the judges do not disqualify themselves. It is seldom, if ever, discussed in the monopoly press, tied to the banks, thus shaping a blindspot in what Americans know and understand about the so-called Justice System. Some call it the injustice system, based on personal tragedy.
[2] That the purported tax collectors and extractors, the Internal Revenue Service, are corruptly slantled against the common American, and in favor of the ultra rich. Thus the richest families in America, such as the Rockefellers, the Mellons, the Morgans, and the Marshall Fields, apparently pay little, if any, taxes. Is it any wonder, the hospitals, libraries, schools, and highways are bankrupt? Those who have the most do not support the realm, the infrastructure of the United States. [Political candidates appearing on my public access Cable TV Show uniformly refuse to answer questions about this.]
[3] With the willful blindness of corrupt top IRS officals, the ultra wealthy have formed foundations to hide their ill-gotten treasure and evade taxes. Third party presidential candidate George Wallace, in 1972m said, if he is elected, he would put a stop to the Rockefeller Foundation hiding that family's wealth. At the time Wallace, according to the polls, was expected to have 19% of the vote. There was a danger that his candidacy would make it so that the two major presidential candidates, Nixon and Mcgovern, could not, either one, get enough electoral votes to be President. Thus, the election, in a rare event, would be thrown into the Congress to decide who would be President.
Shortly after George Wallace made the statement, he was nearly shot to death and spent the rest of his painful life in a wheelchair. We were about the only ones that had a documentary film-maker on our public access Cable TV Show, that Wallace was claiming Nixon was behind the assassination plot.
[4] That some of the ultra rich families have formed and operate foundation that are part of a three-tier system, using technical terms, that conceal the source of the funds: conduits, pass-throughs, and fronts. That such foundations are acting for and on behalf of the American CIA to buy-out and co-opt journalism societies, labor unions, dissident indigenous movements, and such, and other so-called independent groups. And to finance government-paid agents provocateurs.
Disgruntled that the powers-that-be assassinated his brother, John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy caused a horrendous scandal in the spring of 1967. To understand the profound nature of the CIA foundations ruckus, in a good reference library, consult "New York Times INDEX" for 1967, under topic "Central Intelligence Agency", for a summary of stories. Thereafter, in college seminars and a course I taught at a broadcast school, I followed up on this, tracing the before and after of suspected groups. We became experts on CIA foundations. For triggering this mess, Bobby in 1968 paid the ultimate price, being assassinated by a so-called "lone assassin.
[5] That the CIA took over and used for domestic and foreign dirty tricks, several dozen savings & loan associations. In his heavily-documented book, "The Mafia, The CIA, and George Bush", longtime journalist Pete Brewton tells about more than two dozen S & Ls taken over or used by the CIA. The book came out in 1992, and Brewton points out that after the funds were mysteriously "loaned out" to persons often not credit-worthy, the federally-insured thrifts would go under, leaving huge losses for the tax-payers. Jam-packed with details, the book, some claim, is not easy to read. Yes, it is not a novel.
We followed up and identified four such CIA S & Ls in Illinois, not mentioned in his book. In one such, in a Chicago suburb, Clyde S & L, Congressman Henry Hyde (R., Ill.) had been a director. A federal agency sued him and the other directors for causing it to go under. For example, with Hyde's connivance, 67 million dollars of Clyde's funds disappeared in Arkansas. There was a danger that CIA-type details would get into the public court record. So, a CIA-attorney from Washington was brought in and persuaded the Judge to impound portions of the court file. Despite that, we did find out plenty.
Henry Hyde wears two hats: First, as known, he is a U.S.Congressman. Second, as mostly unknown, he is head of CIA's "black budget", financing the overthrow of governments and the assassination of leader that the CIA does not agree with. As chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Hyde has the power to start the removal of a misbehaving judge or to frame a judge for blackmail purposes. Hyde blackmailed the Chicago federal judge who had the case, so Hyde, unlike the other S & L directors, did not have to pay a penny in damages. Details are in earlier stories of ours. Note: Hyde reportedly supervised the CIA-dope traffic through the southern states carried out jointly by Bill Clinton, George Herbert Walker Bush, and Ollie North.
In Denver, Colorado, was a reputed CIA covert operation known as Silverado Banking, Savings & Loan Association. From 1985 through August, 1988, the elder Bush's son, Neil Bush, was on the board of Directors. In December, 1988, a month after the elder Bush was elected President, Silverado went under. Large sums had been sucked out of Silverado reportedly to finance in violation of Congressional prohibition, the CIA's operations with the contras against the elected government in Nicaragua.
This was done to a several times bankrupt reputed con-man, Ellison Trine Starnes, Jr., who reportedly was not credit-worthy. Yet, he and his associates made more than 75 million dollars in loans from Silverado at the behest of Neil Bush. "But the real answer to the riddle of Ellison Trine Starnes, Jr., lies in the ultimate destination of all that money he borrowed. Did HE get it, or was he just a front man or mustache for others". As in Brewton's book, page 254. Starnes was the second largest borrower of Silverado and the funds apparently disappeared through secret accounts, perhaps for CIA, through the Bahamas and the tax-haven between England and France, called the Isle of Jersey.
Starnes and his role with the CIA Nicaragua operation is evident: "On January 27, 1986, Spitz Channell, the late convicted Contra fundraiser, associate of Oliver North and prsident of the National Endowment for the Preservation of Liberty, wrote a letter to Starnes....: 'Dear Mr. Starnes: You are cordially invited to a briefing in the Roosevelt Room of the White House. The briefing will be on President Reagan's legislative initiative in support of the Nicraguan Freedom Fighters. The President is attending. Donald R. Regan, White House Chief of Staff, Elliott Abrams, Undersecretary of State for Latin American Affairs, and Admiral John Poindexter, National Security Advisor, will be conducting the briefing along with me.' " From Brewton's book, page 256.
The Silverado-Starnes-CIA money traveled through Allied Bank of Texas, later called First Interstate Bank. See the mention of that bank, Denver and Chicago, in documents attached to previous parts of this series as well as attached to this part. In the hand-written notes of a reportedly senior official of the U.S. Treasury, Office of Internal Affairs. See the attached documents.
As we have seen, Alan Greenspan, the dictator of the Federal Reserve, with his own coded authorizations, supevised the Bush family dirty business through 25 accounts mentioned in this series. Note: Greenspan became the Federal Reserve Commissar, August, 1987.
After the collapse of Silverado, the Federal Deposit Insurance sued Neil Bush.
"WASHINGTON -The government Friday filed a civil suit against President Bush's son Neil and 10 others charging them with 'gross negligence' for their role in the collapse of the Denver-based Silverado Banking, Savings and Loan Association. The suit, filed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. in U.S. District Court in Denver, seeks $200 million dollars in damages. The suit charges that Bush and other thrift officers breached their dueites and were guilty of 'gross negligence' by engaging in 'unsafe and unsound lending and investment practices.' Silverado collapsed in 1988 at a cost to taxpayes of $1 billion." Chicago Tribune, 990. Left out of the suit and reports was that Neil Bush and Silverado were reportedly a channel by which illicit funds for the Iran Contra operation in which S & L fraud was reportedly used to get around the Congressional prohibitgion of aid to the drug-running Contras.
One aspect of the Neil Bush scandal reportedly involved him in having falsified details as to this on his Federal Income tax report. Instrumental in the ostensible cover up was a Bush family close crony, Lawrence B. Gibbs, who from 1986 to 1989 was Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service.
[Gibbs helped in the Pennzoil/Bush fight against Texaco: As IRS Commissioner he helped sink Texaco further by slamming the bankrupt Texaco with a demand for back-taxes of 6.5 billion dollars. "George Bush-The Unauthorized Biography" by Tarpley and Chaitkin, paperback edition, p. 445.]
Getting into the picture in 1990 was a Chicago-based law firm, Hopkins & Sutter, with offices also in Washington, D.C. As Crain's Chicago Business said of the law firm, 1/28/91: "It does more work than any other law firm in the country for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) which insures bank deposits, and the Resolution Trust Corp. (RTC) which disposes of troubled thrift assets....The firm handles some of the government's most SENSITIVE and highly publicized banking cases. Just recently, Hopkins was retained to investigate the officers, directors, and lawyers of Silverado Banking Savings & Loan Assn of Denver, a group that included President George Bush's son Neil." (Emphasis added.) The article conveniently left out that Hopkins & Sutter reportedly helps cover up failed savings & loans that were part of covert operations for the American CIA. Neil Bush, thanks to Hopkins & Sutter, was left off with a mere slap on the wrists.
Hopkins & Sutter is closely aligned with CIA "black budget" boss Henry Hyde who is also a Congressman. See the attached document where they are apparently putting the arm on their law clients for the re-election campaign of Hyde. Among their clients, Hopkins & Sutter has ocean shippers and forwarders. Remember: Hyde limited the Impeachment Resolution against President Clinton to sexual matters only, rather than the treason Clinton committed with and for the Red Chinese. White House intern Mary Caitrin Mahoney was murdered by an intelligence agency "hit" team, July, 1997, right in the District of Columbia. Why? Caity, as she was called, knew a great deal and was to have been called as a Federal Grand Jury witness regarding: That Clinton, from time to time, met with the reputed head of the Red Chinese Secret Police, Wang Jun, and conveyed to him U.S. industrial, financial, and MILITARY SECRETS---to a sworn enemy of the United States. And get this terrible conflict of interest: so-called "Independent" Counsel Kenneth W. Starr had Wang Jun as HIS PRIVATE LAW CLIENT. AND: Starr has been an UNREGISTERED LOBBYIST for the Red Chinese government, an offense for which Clinton could have Starr in prison and was blackmailing Starr.
In Chicago, a partner in the Hopkins & Sutter law firm has been Jay Steinberg. He was the Chapter 11 Trustee in one of the strangest bankruptcy case of its kind. William J. Stoecker was a very young man running a tiny lawn care service. By the greatest mystery, banks in Chicago, and Boston, loaned him over a BILLION DOLLARS so he could buy up, among others, defense contractors that did secret work for the U.S. Government. And get this: the banks apparently did not check him out very well. In a short time, he built up a so-called "empire" of such firms and then his empire collapsed because of apparent fraud. His firms were put into bankruptcy and the Chapter 11 Trustee was Jay Steinberg.
In undisputed matters in court, we contend that Steinberg reportedly aided in upwards of one billion dollars disappearing in the Stoecker matters and that the corrupt top IRS officials are reportedly aware of this vast apparent embezzlement and do nothing about it. WAS THE WHOLE AFFAIR A CIA OPERATION? After all, Hopkins & Sutter seem to be reputed experts in espionage-style cover ups, such as with Neil Bush and Silverado.
A Chicago-area caulking contractor, Joseph Andreuccetti, claims Chicago-area banks swindled him out of large sums. To make good his pending claims, a federal bank regulatory agency about 1983 parked 58.4 million dollars with Chicago-area based Household International and Household Bank. The matter was in INVOLUNTARY bankruptcy starting in 1984 and continued for almost 14 years. As to the top-level IRS officials in Chicago and their theft, for their own personal benefit and not for the U.S. Treasury, of properties belonging to Andreuccetti, see my series, "Corrupt IRS Officials Face Exposure in Dope Bust".
Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Trustee Jay Steinberg sold one of the major properties to a Bankruptcy Court Auctioneer who bought it for HIMSELF and his partner, a known gangster. The auctioneer, Wallace Lieberman was later found murdered. The IRS officials, who had long known of the gangster, suddenly started a situation rushing the gangster into jail. And from there, the corrupt IRS officials stole the properties for themselves, not for the U.S. Treasury. We were the only ones to do a documentary which we aired on our weekly public access Cable TV Program in Chicago about the murder of Lieberman and what all was involved.
Of the 58.4 million of funds thus escrowed, or parked, with Household, Steinberg participated reportedly in secretly transferring 50 million dollars of that to Little Rock, Arkansas. Why? To try to reportedly cover up the 47 million dollar embezzlement there of a S & L, for which Bill and Hillary Clinton are subject to federal criminal prosecution and jailing, on charges of misappropriating federally-insured bank funds. Helping transfer the 50 million dollars to Arkansas was Hillary's lawyer-crony, John E. Gierum, from the suburb of Park Ridge where she is from. Gierum confessed to me, in the presence of his former client, Andreuccetti, that the Clinton White House is trying to frame him to shut him up. In court, Gierum, when confronted by me with his confession, did not dispute the same.
More details are in stories on our website: http://www.skolnicksreport.com
Is it a mere coincidence that Household International is the successor and alter ego of Nugan Hand Bamnk, a CIA proprietary that went under in 1980 just after one of its founders was murdered? As to Nugan Hand Bank and the CIA, see "The Crimes of Patriots" by Jonathan Kwitny who points out that former Director of Central Intelligence, William Colby, was the General Counsel of Nugan Hand. Later, Colby was also the unlisted General Counsel of Household. When the Jay Steinberg/Household/Andreuccetti/Little Rock matter began to bubble and boil in 1996, Colby was murdered and made to look like a "boat accident".
By the way, the elder Bush is no stranger to political assassination. With CIA in 1963, he apparently tried to cover up some of the details following the murder of President John F. Kennedy. See document attached.
So, who all reportedly participated in the dirty business mentioned here and was part of the cover up?:
Alan Greenspan, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Neil Bush, Jay Steinberg and some of his law partners at Hopkins & Sutter.
To view a few samples of documents relating to this click on the following:
Document 1-Hand-written notes of Senior Official, U.S. Treasury, Office of Internal Affairs
Document 2-More such notes
Document 3-Letter from Hopkins & Sutter's Washington, D.C. Office
Document 4- FBI document as to CIA George Bush.

Since 1958, Mr.Skolnick has been a court reformer. Since 1963, founder/chairman, Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, disclosing certain instances of judicial and other bribery and political murders. Since 1991 a regular panelist, and since 1995, moderator/producer, of one-hour,weekly public access Cable TV Show, "Broadsides", Cablecast on Channel 21, 9 p.m. each Monday in Chicago. For a heavy packet of printed stories, send $5.00 [U.S. funds] and a stamped, self-addressed business sized envelope [4-1/4 x 9-1/2 #10 size] WITH THREE STAMPS ON IT, to Citizen's Committee to Clean Up the Courts, Sherman H. Skolnick, Chairman, 9800 South Oglesby Ave., Chicago IL 60617-4870. Office, 7 days, 8 a.m. to midnight, (773) 375-5741 [PLEASE, no "just routine calls]. Before sending FAX, call.

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